Welcome to Yoga Enschede. It’s possible to have yogaclasses or workshops in English here.

Yogaclasses: we teach gentle hatha yoga with focus on breath-awareness and meditation. Classes can be adapted to your physical capacity. You can subscribe with your own group from 2 – 4 persons for studio-classes. There are also possibility for online classes via Zoom.

Workshops: Sun Salutations, Contemplative walking, Silence, Makkaho (meditative stretching-excercises) can all be offered in English.

Classes are taught online via Zoom, or in small group of max 5 persons in the studio. If you have a larger place available, classes and workshops can be taught for larger groups.

Price rates: private class: €25. Group class: €50 for 5 lessons. Classes are 80 minutes.

Contact himalayayoga.enschede@gmail.com for more information. We are situated in Enschede, on the north edge of the city with good facilities for parking and public transport.